在Hoboken街趴过的朋友都知道,道路两侧往往有一边写着Permit Parking Only,这时候如果你没有居民停车许可(Resident Parking Permit),就不能停到那一侧,否则可能会被开罚单甚至会有拖车来把车子拖走。

那么Hoboken Resident是怎么界定的,符合特定条件的Resdient应该如何申请Parking Permit呢?

满足哪些条件可以申请Hoboken Parking Permit

Hoboken Parking在线管理系统规定了有这么几个类别的申请人可以获得Hoboken Parking Permit。

  1. Hoboken居民,有NJ驾照,且驾照上的地址是Hoboken
  2. Hoboken居民,有NJ驾照,驾照上的地址不是Hoboken,但是已经去DMV更改为了Hoboken地址(驾照上有DMV给的address change decal affixed to license)
  3. Hoboken居民,有NJ驾照,驾照上的地址不是Hoboken,也尚未去DMV更改驾照地址
  4. Hoboken business owner(在Hoboken有店)
  5. Hoboken business employee(在Hoboken上班)


第一步:访问Hoboken Parking在线管理系统。如果没有账号的话,点击”Create a new account”。





例如:第一类申请人(Hoboken居民,有NJ驾照,且驾照上的地址是Hoboken)需要提供的材料最少,只要上传电子版的驾照正反面和一份带有Hoboken地址的current utility bill就可以了。


如果是Hoboken business owner或者Hoboken business employee的话,则需要分别提供Hoboken business的一些信息:

不同类别的申请人,在申请通过后,能办的Parking Permit类型是不一样的

比如第二类申请人,就只能申请Limited / Conditional Permit,非得去DMV换了带Hoboken地址的驾照,才能办Resident On-Street Standard以及正常的Garage Parking Permit。


这种情况应该是最常见的:不管是买了房搬去Hoboken,还是去Hoboken租房,根据官网要求,都需要提供下列材料中的至少三项。例如deed(房产证)或lease(租约)+ utility bill(电费账单或者网络账单)+ checking or savings account statement(银行账单)。

a. A valid deed for same legal residential Hoboken address in the name of the individual seeking a permit;
b. A current, original lease or rental agreement for same legal residential Hoboken address in the name of the individual seeking a permit;
c. A current utility bill or receipt for establishing service for same legal residential Hoboken address in the name of the individual seeking a permit;
d. A current tax bill for same legal residential Hoboken address in the name of the individual seeking a permit;
e. A current telephone bill for same legal residential Hoboken address in the name of the individual seeking a permit;
f. A checking or savings account statement within the past sixty days for same legal residential Hoboken address in the name of the individual seeking a permit;
g. First class mail received from any federal, state, or local government agency within the past six months for same legal residential Hoboken address in the name of the individual seeking a permit;
h. An official, certified letter from a Dean of Students attesting to residence at a legal off-campus residential Hoboken address;
i. An official academic course schedule for the current semester from a Hoboken academic local institution in the name of the individual seeking a permit;
j. Other appropriate documentation sufficient for establishing residency of an individual (upon approval of the Director of the Parking Utility)

Hoboken Permit Parking费用

从2020年3月2日起,Hoboken调整了Permit Parking年费,每个Hoboken Resident家庭第1辆车每年$52,第2辆车每年$104,第3+辆车每年$208。

同样是街趴,办了Parking Permit之后,选择会多很多,找到车位的概率也大很多,符合条件的朋友快去申请吧。

如果您需要的是Jersey City街趴许可证,那么可以看这篇文章

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